Fans on Screen Increases fan engagement at sport and music events, by offering unique game-day experience activities and interaction with the main screen in the arena. Transmuting the fan personal videos shared on social media to a visual marketing ambassador of the brand.

Fans will be able to order a slot and pay to be seen live on the main screen in the sports arena during intermissions of the game. The fans will receive this video on-site to their smartphones for an easy share on social media.


  • Eyal Shahar Founder & CEO
  • Gideon Boock – Business Development
  • Idan Bar – CTO & Digital Marketing
  • Sivan Winter – Video Productions Manager


  • Eyal Maoz 
  • Liad Suez Karni 

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A slot before the game


A slot during the game


A slot during half time


A VIP slot during half time